OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

I'd like to claim the gold guts achievement with this replay and proof for the rating:



Please lmk if I need to provide more replays of progress.

Also, I know the rules say past progress doesn't count... But my account Queueueuebone achieved silver brave and knowledge gold and the proof is in the screenshot right above this in Sapphire Star's post .
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hey! could you get me some more replays of your guts run? both replays don't show your 3rd bl mon. if you could get me like 5 replays throughout the run, that'd be great. Also, surgical strike is all good, but unfortunately for taken by storm, it cant be by ff for the first 15 turns, you gotta actually sweep them. i cant count it, im sorry.
Been laddering on an alt account (NoMouth&iMustGame) with a 3 UUBL team to get the guts achievement. I still want to get platinum rank, but I just hit gold, so I thought I would submit for that first lol screens show my ELO as of 9/5/23, message typed in chat while logged in on that account, and the team I have been using to ladder. Please let me know if I need to submit anything else. I haven't done this before :)



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